What is Filorgy?

Filorgy or Filorgy Lifestyle is a Filipino online sexual behavior based match-making service for people interested in casual dating, hookups, travel buddies or alternative sexual lifestyle. Filorgy was launched on June 26, 2013. It was conceptualized from a theory that a match in certain sexual behavior and attitude can lead to more satisfying relationship.

Hedonistic way of life.

Filorgy believes that the intrinsic purpose of human life is to seek pleasure, happiness and awesome experiences. It has been the cornerstone and commitment of Filorgy to provide service devoted in helping people achieve their pleasure goals by finding the exact lifestyle partner/s thru sexual behaviour profiling and matching.

Who can join?

If you are seeking for Casual Hookups, Friends With Benefits (FWB), Travel Buddies, No String Attached (NSA), Define The Relationship (DTR), DTF or seeking for more Adventurous Lifestyle. You are in the right place.

Can I join in secret?

Yes, majority of Filorgy users are enjoying the fun in their own private and discreet way. Filorgy social network is designed to be private, discreet and for one-on-one communication only. Your profile can only be seen by your matches and people you have approved as friends.

How do Filorgy find my match?

Filorgy have evolved from years of study and experiment about human sexual behaviour pairing from actual physical dating to online match making. Filorgy have design a proprietary system that uses sexual views and behaviour to come up with analytic algorithms that gauges propinquity and probability of a successful match. With this, Filorgy will ensure that only people with similar views and outlook towards sexuality will be matched.

How do I create a Profile?

First, you need to sign up to Filorgy, then, after verifying your email, you will be redirected to Edit Profile section where you can choose specific options and preference to show in your profile.

What do I do after I sign up?

If you haven't completed your profile and added photos, that would be the first place to start.

You can edit your profile details and add as many photos you like.

The more information you provide about yourself, the more appealing you will appear to your potential match reading your profile which will lead to more success.

If you wish to initiate contact you can request for friendship or send message to your potential partner(s).

How do I know if user's profile is for real?

While we can't guarantee the authenticity of any profile on Filorgy, we endeavour to ensure that all Members signing up for our service agree to the Terms & Conditions that outline acceptable use of our system.

In addition, Filorgy undertakes to ensure your confidence in many ways: We proactively preview every profile photo and all text changes made available by the profile owner to any members of Filorgy and use our best efforts to remove any information that does not comply with our acceptable operating standards.

Is there a code of conduct or protocol for using this site?

While we do not monitor private messages and photos for friends only, we will not tolerate harassment, racial or ethnic slurs, threats, and insulting messages being sent to our members.

We also do not allow the solicitation of goods or services on our site, commercial advertisements, spamming, or anyone under the age of 18.

Always be kind, courteous and well mannered. Treat other members as though you were speaking to them face-to-face and build some rapport before getting too personal and giving out personal contact information. Please refer to Filorgy Etiquette and Terms & Conditions for more details.